Who We Are

Our Vision is to be recognized by the marine industry as the highest quality and most efficient producer of dashes, panels and wiring harnesses and highest value supplier of components and services. Our Belief is that we add the greatest value to our customers through our engineering support and our supply chain and logistics management services. Building exterior Our engineering support services are delivered through regular weekly visits by our engineers to meet with our customer’s design, engineering and production teams. Our supply chain and logistics solutions are designed to create the most efficient supply of components to our customers. We place our talent at the front of the process so that our customers receive a product and service that meets all of their needs. Our Desire is to develop the most efficient supply chain for our customers’ component needs. Our 60 years of combined experience in developing systems to support the automotive industry has prepared us to manage a broad range of products for delivery to a point of use in any configuration and any frequency that the customer desires. The benefit to the customer is money saved in freight, inventory, purchasing, floor space and material handling costs. Our Mission is that we will achieve steady growth and consistent profitability by designing, building, and marketing superior instrument panels and related components to marine, vehicle, and industrial equipment manufacturers.IMP will become the recognized leader and preferred supplier in our markets. We will accomplish this by delighting our customers with the quality of our products and services.