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Benjamin Quaak

Job Title: Quality Supervisor
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A bit more info: Benjamin Quaak has been with IMP since May 2011. He has experience in Assembly, Panel wire, Boards, Termination, Helms, Finial Inspection (Auditing), Cut, Splice, Trouble Shooting, Board programming/building. Ben’s responsibilities within the company are to make sure Kits/harnesses are tested properly. He helps design and implement our test procedures for all of our kits/harness. It is his responsibility to check and approve all boards before any programs are completed and board is released to production. When testing are boards production has problems with prints or assembly parts, he helps troubleshoot root cause issues and resolve them. If any Customer has any problems with any of our parts, he will make a trip to their facility to help trouble shoot any issues. Ben also works with Engineering to help make prints clear and understandable for production’s needs. Ben has his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (Electronic Communication Engineering Technology) from ITT Technical Institute and his Associate’s Degree of Science (Computer Electronics Engineering Technology) from ITT Technical Institute. Ben believes in team in order to achieve greatness in what we do.
Direct Phone: 260-667-2158
Direct Fax: 260-667-2158
Benjamin Quaak